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Education Verification service

Employers worldwide, opt for credentials verification at final stages of recruitment process. Harvey University offers its students with the facility of lifetime verification for the credentials conferred by Harvey University through the following mediums:

Telephonic Verification

Through telephonic verification system an employer or institute can verify your credentials by calling on our toll-free number. Our experienced representatives are available 24/7 for Education Verification.

Education Verification Letters

Through Harvey University's registrar students can also get Verification Letter issued, authenticating the documents they hold. The Verification letter would contain the link from where your employer or institute can view and verify your credentials:

Email Verification

Email verification can be requested by students through which a secure copy of your credentials will be sent to either your employer or institute, as per your request.

Fax Verification

You can always provide us with your employer's or institute's fax number and we will fax the required documents

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