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Partnership Program offered by Harvey University allows organizations to join hands with us in accomplishing our mission to spread quality education worldwide. When an organization wants to join our Partnership Program, the organization is required to refer student applications to us. As a result the organization becomes our registered partner becoming our priority when it comes to referring right people to them when they are in need to hire for the jobs created.

Earn Huge Profits with Other Benefits

Whether you are Harvey’s representative or an educational institution, academic agent, consultant or an entrepreneur you can benefit from our Partnership Program.

  • Earn great revenues and boost your income with minimal effort
  • The institution offers these services for free to its partners, without charging any annual subscription fees or binding them in any contracts.
  • Complete control over the database of students you refer, with a simple account management process provided to our partners by the institute.
  • Harvey Representatives are at your disposal 24/7, to assist you in any possible manner regarding the Partnership Program.

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Harvey's Partnership Program is for everyone—Join Us Today!

For Educational Institutions, Consultants and Agents
For Entrepreneurs, Corporations and Business Professionals
The partnership program at Harvey University provides a great opportunity for educational institutions, consultants and academic agents to work in collaboration with the university and reap benefits from the association. These Institutions can work in affiliation with Harvey University to improve their curriculum and educational methodologies.

Academic consultants and Agents can receive both monetary and non-monetary benefits through their association with Harvey University. These associates get the opportunity to refer student to the institution and earn accordingly.
Harvey University forms partnerships with corporations and entrepreneurs willing to invest in their employees' career advancement through trainings and formal education.

By allowing employees to pursue executive education, organizations can hone the skills of their workers and increase their productivity at workplace. This reflects positively on organizations and they reap higher revenues along with an increase in profitability. It also leads to increasing employee satisfaction which reduces turnover in an organization.

Harvey University also allows business professionals to get a degree in relevant field of study based on their professional knowledge and expertise.
Benefits Benefits
  • Earnings per Successful Referral
  • Increased Goodwill
  • Partner/Agent certificate and kit
  • Free marketing material, merchandise and gifts
  • Dedicated Relationship Managers available 24/7 for assistance
  • Free Verification Services
  • Add value to employee profiles and to the organization
  • Employee training and development in a much better and affordable way
  • Gain Competitive edge
  • Get partner certificate, partner kit and website
  • Free dedicated member’s area
  • Get professional marketing material for free
  • Dedicated Relationship Managers available 24/7 for assistance
  • Free Verification Service
You can Become Our Partner Too
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