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Corporate Partnership

Harvey University has joined hands with top national and multinational organizations to provide its students with most fruitful career opportunities globally. To ensure that Harvey remains a valuable partner to its associates, the academic services are extended to the employees working in the partner firms.

Career Placement Services Offered by our Corporate Partners


HU’s partners provide the students with valuable internship opportunities. The internships can be taken for varying tenures depending upon the institution’s requirements and student involvement. The regular internships offered can range from a period of three to six months. The students are highly benefited from these internships as they help them prepare for a full-fledged professional life once they complete their education.

Depending upon the type of organization and the industry they are related to, internships can be both paid and unpaid.

Job Placement Opportunities 

Some of the best and highly rewarding job opportunities are provide to Harvey Graduates at the partner firms all around the world. The partnering firms trust the institution’s capacity to develop future leaders and hence keenly seek out Harvey graduates. Our graduates are currently working at managerial positions at several of our partnered organizations.

Become Harvey's Corporate Partner 

As our partner organization not only have an edge as employers to hire the best but they also benefit from our academic services that we extend to their employee training and professional development.

Special fee structures are provided to the employees of our partner firms so that they can benefit from the academic excellence the university offers at the most economical prices. Nearly 35% of the fees are discounted for the students who are referred to us by partnering firms.

With our 24X7 toll free helpline you are always connected with us. You can connect to the HU representatives and counselors any time you want. Please contact our consultant at 1-866-426-8783 if you are interested in becoming Harvey's Corporate Partner.

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