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Harvey University offers premium-class education to its students with an opportunity to study at their convenience without requiring any career break. When you join HU’s diverse learning community, you become a part of an extended network currently educating students in six regions, thus helping thousands of students to achieve their academic goals. At Harvey, education is effective, flexible and affordable.

Harvey University’s virtual classrooms are highly professional groupings of passionate individuals from all around the world who come together with a common goal of achieving academic excellence and desired growth in their professional careers.

Harvey online classrooms can be easily accessed in the following regions: 

  • Africa
  • Asia
  • USA
  • UAE
  • Europe
  • Australia

Your Educational Experience at Harvey 

Your educational journey at Harvey will be challenging and a certain contributor in your progressive future. Harvey’s curriculum is a well developed one and is kept updated to prepare students for real-life challenges when they enter the professional world. We offer degree, diploma and certificate programs in sixteen schools of study and a range of majors.

Harvey students are educated under the guidance and supervision of a faculty that consists of experienced educators and field experts. These learned individuals combine their practical knowledge with the theoretical insight to deliver quality education.

Our personalized student support services will be available to you no matter where you are. Our student consultants will be with you from the moment you decide to enroll to the time you graduate from the university. Once you become a part of our alumni, you will be offered excellent benefits such as job placement and career counseling services, etc. You will also be able to get your documents verified for free and will be eligible for a variety of scholarships!

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