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About Harvey - Your Goals and our Passion - A Potent Combination!

Harvey University is premium institute for online education built with a mission of making education accessible and available to everyone across the globe.

Harvey University is a center for working professionals who seek high level of career growth. Many students including working professionals from all around the globe — who are employed full-time but aspire to reach career-apex and improve their lifestyle by strengthening their academic profile enroll with certainty and confidence at Harvey’s Degree and non-Degree Programs . Harvey University facilitates its students to study under the guidance of renowned and experienced faculty, made up of professionals who rest among the best in their field.

Providing quality education with the most affordable fee structures has always been a benchmark for Harvey University so once a student enrolls at HU, he/she can rest assured that they are offered the best education under the guidance of top-notch faculty, in the most advanced online classrooms and the most contemporized curriculum with a highly affordable tuition fee.

Harvey University has a student enrollment of 25,000+ students — 18,500 undergraduates and 6,500 graduates belonging to 120 different nationalities and speaking some 100 different languages.

Academic Opportunities  

Harvey University invites students who seek an intensively challenging educational program for their professional education and training. The programs offered at Harvey offer a great deal of learning and skill development through their rigor and competitiveness.

University Faculty  

At Harvey University we have world-class faculty, with years of experience from various industries. With unconventional research and knowledge deliverance approach taken by our faculty makes stands out of the crowd.

Respecting Diversity 

Harvey University Students belong to diverse backgrounds and cultures, thus bringing number of different values and school of thoughts under one umbrella. Harvey University manages this diversity in an effective manner by providing an open platform for interaction and communication, where students are encouraged to share ideas and express their thoughts through different mediums.

Education Without Boundaries 

Harvey University believes education has no boundaries and through its online existence it is proving so. We at Harvey University believe that a university could be innovative, interdisciplinary, inclusive – and great. We believed that ground-breaking research and a relentless focus on student’s success go hand-in-hand.

Harvey University follows student centered teaching and learning giving students great opportunities. The University offers students a unique and distinguished, experiential education to help them conquer the fields of their interest.

"I have gained a lot from Harvey University. I never believed an online university can help me reach my goals until I joined Harvey."

Jennifer Hahn,
Graduate of Social Sciences

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