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Harvey University offers a wide range of career services to ensure student success throughout their careers. The university works in collaboration with career specialists and faculty advisors to create incomparable professionals – those who can really make a difference.

Placement Services 

Harvey  University specifically caters to working adults who wish to study without compromising on their current jobs. More than 95% of Harvey University students are already employed and possess rich and relevant experience in their respective fields. The admissions department at Harvey University selects and prefers students who have rich work experience and have a successful track record with their current and previous employers. Considering that students at Harvey University are individuals who seek better employment opportunities, Harvey University offers them the opportunity to work or intern at reputable organizations.

Harvey University offers focused services to the working professionals who want to pursue higher education without compromising their jobs or personal lives. More than 80% of the Harvey University students are currently employed and are looking for better jobs or higher positions in their current jobs. With rich professional experience portfolio and quality education, Harvey Graduates become the employers’ preferred choice. This is not only a professional’s desire but Harvey University also sees it as its purpose – to get the students prepared for the best so that they won’t have to compromise anymore.

There are two types of placements offered by Harvey University:

HU’s partners provide the students with valuable internship opportunities. The internships can be taken for varying tenures depending upon the institution’s requirements and student involvement. The regular internships offered can range from a period of three to six months. The students are highly benefited from these internships as they help them prepare for a full-fledged professional life once they complete their education. Depending upon the type of organization and the industry they are related to, internships can be both paid and unpaid.

Some of the best and highly rewarding job opportunities are provide to Harvey Graduates at the partner firms all around the world. The partnering firms trust the institution’s capacity to develop future leaders and hence keenly seek out Harvey graduates. Our graduates are currently working at managerial positions at several of our partnered organizations.

Additional Resources & Services

  • Career-based Education: Harvey Academic Counselors help you pursue higher education and lead you from where achieving your dreams is easier.
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  • Interview Tips: Harvey University Career Counseling Services help you prepare for the most nerve racking situations in your life, yes you guessed it right, Interviews!
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  • Resume Writing Help:Making Your Resume Right! It is your first impression on your prospective employer.
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  • Job Search: Please refer to the list of our renowned and highly sought after partner associations that will help you in getting the job that you have dreamt of throughout your life.
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Career Focused Education 

Harvey University provides you the opportunity to brighten your career prospects through its highly specialized degree program offerings. The university also offers specialized academic planning and support system to the students to ensure their academic, professional and personal accomplishment. To fulfill this purpose, Harvey University offers passionate individuals with the opportunity to acquire education in relevant fields that lead to career opportunities like never before.

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