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“I got Boundless opportunities at Harvey University. The Programs at Harvey developed the love of my field into my career-I can reach the sky through extensive knowledge I got here, my teachers and counselors went to every extent despite of the university’s online existence to help me out with my courses and career selection”

Kelly. Mark-Student,
Human Resources

Harvey University has been successful in attracting large numbers of students from around the world who share a common passion for academic and professional excellence. A large majority of students at Harvey University are working professionals who are engaging themselves for higher education to each the desired positions in their careers. Harvey University has facilitated more than 19000 students worldwide in realizing their dreams and reaching their goals.

The key to the institution’s success has been the confidence its students have consistently shown towards the services provided by HU. Over the years, Harvey University has worked towards building this confidence among the stakeholders with its renowned faculty of academics, professionals and artists and the versatile study programs it offers. Providing quality education with the most affordable fee structures has always been a benchmark for Harvey University so once a student enrolls at HU, he/she can rest assured that they are offered the best education under the guidance of top-notch faculty, in the most advanced online classrooms and the most contemporized curriculum with a highly affordable tuition fee.

Harvey University has a student enrollment of 25,000+ students — 18,500 undergraduates and 6,500 graduates belonging to 120 different nationalities and speaking some 100 different languages.

Programs at Harvey 

Harvey University is a name that stands for educational and professional excellence. Harvey University is a globally renowned online education institution, accredited by a number of accrediting bodies from all around the world. The university offers the widest range of professional courses and majors that mainly cater to the needs of working professionals and adults. The fields & majors offered at Harvey cover all the top choices of students and employers across the globe.

The degree programs offered at Harvey University are designed in collaboration with academic professionals coming together from a variety of professional background, serving at the most successful organizations in their respective fields of expertise. These experts undoubtedly serve as the backbone for the Harvey University’s academic excellence.

Harvey Graduates are currently offering their services in the fields of business management, theatre & drama, IT, medicine, law, engineering, education, journalism, creative writing, fundraising and other social works, management consultancies and many other fields of professions.

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